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Urban Landscape Megalopolis

The network of favelas is very hard to define.But very easy it seems for favelados how they are plunging into the urban infrastructure, are embracing it and are collaborating – on-site and worldwide. The cityscape is presenting yet another enclave: Condominios.

The absurd idea of Luiz Paulo Conde to build a wall around Rocinha is reflecting this attitude.
But walls needn't to be erected. The rich are sending their kids to watched private schools, are spending their freetime in enclosed shopping centres and are residing in so-called 'Condominios fechados'. To enter these residentail ghettos of the privileged you need to live there or be invited.

Favela Condominio


open, aber „dangerous“

not possible without invitation

border favela_entrance (485K)topographic, artificial, visible condominio (59K)watched, artificial, visible
inner life incalculable, abscure „paradisiac“, clean
uses everything: habitat, work, pubs, schools, day-care centre, culture, hideout habitat, now everything, too
to the external workforce, drugs, criminality, samba work, school
to the internal selective basic needs, media everything: urban infrastructure, media, money
deliberate? chosen!